The main breeds of sheep :: Sheep, horse and rabbit

The main breeds of sheep

The classification of sheep put features that characterize the direction of productivity. Bred in this country
divided into sheep fleece, semi, semi and coarsewooled.
Fine-wool sheep breeds are divided into wool, wool, meat and meat and wool. All they give a uniform thin
coat 60-80 quality.
Soviet Merino - breed of sheep wool coat with a uniform direction of the 64th of quality. Colour is white. On the neck 2 - 3 fold
forming a wineskin. Weight of females 45-50 kg, 70-80 kg sheep. The average wool yield from sheep 8-10 kg, with females 5 - 6 kg. Length of hair
11.7 cm, 37-40% yield of fiber.
Bred sheep of this breed in the North Caucasus, Ukraine, the Volga region. Was obtained as a result of the breed to improve long-term local
Sheep of the Northern Caucasus, taking place from the fine-wool merino mazaevskih and novokavkazskih.
By fine-wool sheep wool areas include rocks: Stavropol, Grozny, Azerbaijan Mountain Merino, etc.
Askaniyskoy rock (Fig. 81) wool and beef, derived MF Ivanov in 1926-1935 years. in Askania Nova, by
Merino crossbreeding local with American Rambouillet with an individual selection of animal origin, constitution and
conformation, productivity and quality of offspring. This breed has no equal among the fine-wool. The average live weight of ewes
60 - 65 kg, rams 105 - 115 kg. Wool clip females on average 6 kg, 10-12 kg sheep. A record 31.7 kg clipping obtained from sheep
Number 8267 in the purebred sovkhoz "Red shepherd" the Kherson region. Coat 60 - 64 th grade 11.8 cm long fiber yield of 40-45%.
Askania breed of sheep bred in the Ukraine, the Volga region and other areas.
Caucasian rock wool and beef, was established in 192.3-1936, in breeding plant "Bolshevik" and "Ipatovsk" Stavropol
edge through the selection of local fine-wool sheep and novokavkazskogo mazaevskogo type and crossing them with rams of the American
Rambouillet. Live weight of rams 90-100 kg, females 55-60 kg. Sheep wool clip 11.10 kg, with females 5.8-6.5 kg at a length of 7-8 cm
Fineness of the 64-70th grade. The yield of pure fiber 38-42%. Widespread in the North Caucasus, in the Rostov region,
For wool and meat breeds are Altaic, North Caucasian Merino, Transbaikalia, etc.
Prekos - meat and wool breed. Bred in France. Since 20-ies bred in this country. The live weight of 55-60 kg ewes and rams
80 - 100 kg. The mass of the top females 110 kg, 152 kg of sheep. Clipping a sheep 5.5-7.0 kg, females 3.5-4.0 kg. Fineness of the 60-64th of quality.


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